What are Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are tinted glasses designed to prevent your eyes from being damaged by bright sunlight (Dictionary.com). Although they are designed as protective wears, they have become an essential part of fashion accessories, especially in the hot summer sunlight. Sunglasses often act as visual aids when they are fitted with colored lenses that are darkened or polarized. Square Sunglasses Women's Style

What Should I Look For in Sunglasses?

  1. Even if you don't have eye problems, you definitely need sunglasses to prevent bad UV lights from the sun from damaging your eyes. Therefore, you should check if the sunglasses have the capability to screen out UV lights. So check for if the sunglasses have a UV 400 label on it. This indicates that the lens can block out all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.
  2. Lens color: This is more of a fashion choice issue than it's capability to provide sunlight screening. You sunglasses lens color should be determined by the fashion statement you want to make. Therefore, express yourself freely with different lens colors.
  3. The frame material is important. If you are using for sports activities, then it is advisable to wear sports lenses to prevent them shattering easily. Most fashion sunglasses can be made from metals, plastic or poly materials. The material type also influences the cost of the sunglasses.

What is The Best Sunglasses For My Face Shape?

First, you need to be aware of your face shape. Face shapes fall into any of these categories: Round, Square, Oblong, Diamond, Rectangular, Oval and Triangular. Types of sunglasses Your sunglasses frame shape should compliment your face shape. For example, a round sunglasses frame on a round face won't look too attractive.  The best sunglasses for around face should be one that is either rectangular or angular in shape. Because it is wider than its vertical length, it gives an impression that your face is thinner than it actually is. Sunglasses for women may have different shapes compared to those for men. For a rectangular or square shaped face, you should be using a round framed sunshade. Always ensure that you don't wear the same sunglasses frame shape with your face shape.

2018 Sunglasses Trends

These sunglasses frames will be the main trends for 2018:
  • Oversized Sunglasses
  • Flat Top Navigators
  • Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Round Mirrored Sunglasses
  • Gold Sunglasses
  • Clear/White Sunglasses
  • Clubmaster Sunglasses
  • Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

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